Saturday, August 13, 2011

Paleo Eating Day 2

It's going okay so far, I guess.

I was taking notes throughout the day and rather than overthink this post, I'll just give you my thoughts as they happened today...

7:10am - Halfway through the drive to work, I realized I forgot all of my food for the day! Damn it! Turned around and got it, what a waste of a half hour.

8:11 - Still have a splitting headache. It started around 7pm last night. I NEVER get headaches, and I've made no other changes except for my diet, so that's gotta be the cause. I'm sure it will go away when my body adjusts.

9:37 - Breakfast. Leftover salmon and green beans. Hit the spot.

11:30 - Snack. Almonds and Pecans. SO good. Feels like I'm cheating on junk food.

12:27pm - Still have a headache. It's amazing, it only took a day of eating clean for my body to experience withdrawal symptoms. Really makes me wonder just how bad my old food was for my body!

1:24 - Lunch time. I look in my lunch bag and see my salad mixed with walnuts plus the ground beef and decide to just have half of it now and the rest later. This meat is amazing, I'm savoring each bit like it's my last meal. I feel like I've never had meat before. This is tremendous.

2:57 - I'm feeling extremely lethargic.  Still have a headache.  This isn't like me.  It's Friday at 3pm, I should be looking forward to doing all kinds of things this weekend...instead, right now, I just want to go to bed.

3:24 - Eating the other half of my salad/walnuts/ground beef.

5:49 - Had my orange! Best orange ever.

6:30 - Dinner was AMAZING. Broccoli with lemon juice and ?? and rotisserie chicken.  AMAZING.

7:30 - I'm exhausted.  Still have a headache.  I crawl into bed and fall alseep.  Yes, at 7:30pm.

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