Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Text Expander For Android

Oh shit, I forgot to mention this in my Texter post, so rather than expanding on it (pun), I thought I'd make it today's post.

Since I love my text expander so much, I wanted to find one for my Android phone.  The most frequent thing that I find myself typing over and over on my Droid X is my email address and that's a pain...it's 17 characters total, you've got to toggle back and forth to get the "@" symbol...it just takes too long.

What I needed was a text expander.  I found one in Smart Keyboard Pro.  Once you install it, you go into the Settings > Text Prediction > Custom AutoText > click Add AutoText.  In there you put the text you want to type, and then what you want it to expand to.  (Hint: make sure that the text you use to expand isn't a real word...you don't want to insert your email address every time you type the word "email!").  For me, all I have to do is type "wg" and it inserts my email address!  For me, that one feature is worth the price of the entire app.

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